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Hello - we are having issue with links opening up files that our contacts submit with the request for quote form. The form submission goes directly to our estimating area who are not users in Hubspot. We used to be able to have them simply click on the link and it would open the file. Now, one of us HS users has to look up the contact, find the file that was uploaded, save it to our internal network and then forward back to the estimating area. This is counterproductive. Any chance we can have functionality worked in so that a file that is submitted over a form like Request for Quote can be opened by someone who is not a user in Hubspot?

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This was change by HS in October.  This functionallity has been removed.  Please see the link for their "solution"....  You are not the first to complain about this.  The change hit a nerve with a lot of folks.



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Understood and I appreciate the link for additional discussion on this topic.