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Access Custom Objects in App

I find that the HubSpot app is very limited. It would be great to access / edit custom objects within the ios app. Currently I can only see the default Deals / Contacts etc.


@dennisedson what do you think?

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@ben-duchy , I am always on the side of increasing access 😀  You have my vote!


This would be very helpful! We're creating an extensive Custom Object platform for a mobile sales team. Not having access via iOS is a huge problem.

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@MattVizzi I'm in a similar position. A lot of my time is spent developing web modules that utilise Custom Objects and HubDB, neither of which can be accessed within the app. Seems a no brainer to me to get these added to the app to allow companies to update content on the fly.


I don't see why this wasn't a default option that is already supported by the IOS app version. This really limits operational needs for those using the custom objects feature. Members of the team that are mobile and have limited access to a laptop and computer will utilize the mobile app to access all that is available in HubSpot. This creates an issue as our IOS users (which is the majority of our company) do not have access to custom objects.


Agreed. Similar to how you can navigate between contacts and companies from the "Contacts" option in the mobile app by switching over to the other tab, I feel like these custom objects can be added in a similar fashion in the "Deals" selection and by clicking over to the next tab. Having them be their own entity in the dropdown menu would be more ideal, but anything to help implement this would just be appreciated in general.


Custom Objects also need a higher degree of customization in general since businesses are unique and have different metrics that don't necessarily fit into the "contact, company, deal, ticket" scheme. Having them function like one of the preset objects would vastly improve the usability of the entire hubspot platform.