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Accept more decimals of cent values for product price



We were excited to see the Product Library feature. Sadly, we can't use it because it does not support fractional cents.


We need to quote $0.0250/minute (2.5 cents/minute) for usage of our product, but HubSpot rounds all dollar amounts two two decimal places ($0.03/minute in this case).


We'd prefer 4 decimal places, but we can live with three. Please HubSpot, might you consider supporting fractional cents? 




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Would also need decimals for quantities. An example of this is some products we have in hourly unity. So something could be quoted at 2.5 hours of consulting work, for example.


@ethankopit Can we get an update on this? It sounds like it's important to quite a few people/organizations, and because apparently, it's possible to feed the database much more precise numbers via the API, it sounds like a UI-only change.


On the scale of one day-one week-one month, where does your team believe this request falls?


We would like to know when this update will be available.  This update is a very important one for us as we cannot use the Quote product to the extent we need to.

Do you have an ETA on this update?  Urgent!!


All of the above! Please bring this feature. It is important for so many cases.


This is a crucial feature for us. Without it, we can't really make use of the quotes tool HubSpot has built – SMS prices are low, and those are reflected on our offers. They can range between 0.11 EUR to 0.0001 EUR, multiply that with quantities of 5-15 million (per month), every decimal point makes a huge difference.

Any ETA on this?


We really want this feature as well since we have settled on 5 decimal places for our pricing.  In the meantime, for locations like Brazil, where this is a regulatory requirement, we are storing the pricing in the database with 5 decimals and we are manually typing in a free text field on the quote.  Not ideal, but we couldn't use HubSpot in Brazil otherwise.


Please add decimal numbers as unit options for products.. This is very important to my company as we sell products regarding surfaces and this as usual don't take a full quantities. Thanks

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We also need this function, thanks!


Oh my, Hubspot only handles 2 decimals! Support for at least 3 decimals, whereas 4 decimals are preferred, is required when working with low per-transaction prices and multi-currency and many other types of businesses it seems from the previous comments to this idea.


We use the Hubspot product feature as a core component in our sales work, however the 2 decimals mean that we have to handhold several quotes, invoicing, reporting etc.. It is frustrating.


Hubspot, get to work, please.


HubSpot: is this in development? And do you have an idea of when it might be released? 
Also, would love to sign up for beta testing.


Thanks, S


Need to solve this issue


Our company also needs 3 decimal places for product pricing, necessary to get this step underway please


Yes, we also need this asap! Can't be that hard right?


Hubspot: this point is essential for our company. 

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We do not always sell products in rounded unit quantities (i.e: 2.5 metres of a particular product) and HubSpot is currently rounding these quantities. 


Definite upvote on this functionality 👍


In order to use the Products and Quoting feature, it is imperative that we have a decimal point functionality in the Quantity column.  Id love to roll this out but we cannot until this has been implemented.  


This would be very helpful for us as many of our products have prices that are lower than $0.01


Same issue here, we need this asap


I have the same need as  MollUser1 :


"This kind of feature would be very helpful.

We have products, where we sometimes want to charge 1 unit. And sometimes 0,25 Units. a.s.o.

Please add decimal numbers as unit options for products.

for now we have to add the same product with different value and mark it over the name as a different unit number."


@ethankopit Any news on this? It looks like quite a lot of people are clamoring for what is surely a small change to the UI.


It would be very important for me too, because my company's unit prices can go as low as 0.0012 USD, but with volumes in the thousands-millions of units. As things stand, our quotes are borderline useless because the Hubspot UI rounds this off to 0.00 USD which completely throws off our calculations.

The fact that this is possible to modify via API tells me that the restriction is strictly UI-based. As such, surely it's easy to change the rounding precision to, say, five decimal places?