Able to set a default to log and track email in outlook mac app


I have the email exension for outlook on Mac which does allow me to track and log emails in Hubspot however every time I send an email I have to remember to click the sales tools and check those two boxes. There is not a way to set it to default to track and log like there is in windows. I want to be fast and efficient when creating emails and it's yet another step to check those boxes each time. Please add this.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi there,


It is possible to set up your log and track defaults within the Office 365 add-in. The one caveat, however, is that you must click on the Sales Tools icon in Outlook for each email in order for these to take place. But once you click the button, your Log and Track preferences will take effect for that email. More information on setting up your log and track preferences can be found here


I recommend voting on this idea post which discusses the desire to not have to click on the Sales Tools icon each time. 







Do you have any update on when this will be resolved?