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Ability to use "Copy to portal" on folders

Currently, you can use "Copy to portal" on templates:




but not on folders:




It would be very handy if we had the ability to copy folders to other portals.


Sample use case: my client hadn't purchased the CMS yet so I built their theme on my portal and now need to migrate it over to theirs. 

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April 05, 2019 09:02 AM

In the works.

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100% agree with this. 

As a temporary workaround to anyone struggling with this issue. if you create dummy html files in your empty folders. and then only select actual files inside the folders and hit copy to portal, it will copy the whole folder structure.


It's a pain in the butt way of doing it but it will get you by in a bind.

Theoretically, you might be able to do the same but with FTP.

This definitely needs to be possible in the DM itself.

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In the works.

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I can't like your post @mherzog  for some reason but I want to like it 100 times.

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Awesome news @mherzog and thanks for the workaround @Jon_McLaren 

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That makes total sense. +1


We need to be able to clone EVERYTHING from portal. In the true enterprise world and even client small businesses... You HAVE to be able to test it on pre-production then move it over to live.

To have to rebuild an entire Chat Bot, or other features is ridiculous. EVERYTHING should be cloneable! Workflows, Automation, everything! My god please... PLEASE..