Ability to use date properties in Playbooks


At the moment Date-picker type properties are not supported by Playbooks. One use case for updating date properties via Playbooks is if we want to update information like the next meeting date we want to arrange with the contact, their preferred appointment time, etc. and then being able to use that date in workflows.

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This is a great suggestion


Agreed - honestly I'm suprised this isn't an option we have many processes that involve date properties and they need to be in the playbooks with the rest of the processes so they are not missed. 

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This is incredibly frustrating!! Makes playbooks almost unusable for calls that require follow-up on specific dates...

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Dates are often used for "next steps" and triggers for actions and deal stage advancement, This is a MUST have for the Playbook tool to be 100% useful.  I've created hacks in the Playbooks by creating images showing the user how to update the dates in the record but they have to leave the Playbook to do it. For most industries, I work with the date picker function in a Playbook is a MUST HAVE!

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@plau Here's an example of a typical Playbook that's being used to collect information that will trigger a Proposal and eventually a second "fulfillment" pipeline to manage the handoff from sales to product fulfillment.

@HubSpotProductTeam This is just one example of how the Date Picker option in Playbooks could be used.@HubSpotProductTeam This is just one example of how the Date Picker option in Playbooks could be used.


We need to be able to use date properties to confirm things like:
-Renewal Date (custom property)

-Trial Days

-Member Since Date (custom property)



the list could go on!


Playbooks can be very valuable in making sure the right info makes it to the right place, and team members only having to record that information from one place based on which "play" or process they're following. 


Agreed, we are using a playbook for opportunity qualification and will need to use several date picker properties e.g.


When do you expect to deliver the programme?

When do you expect the programme delivery to be completed?

What is the estimated close date for the deal?


Can we get this added asap?? Thanks.


Do we know if this is happening? Any timeline on when date properties can be added to playbooks?


We also have a need for this. Use Case: We have multiple playbooks that utilize dates such as Requested Go Live Date, Subscription Start Date, Subscription End Date that we use when pricing deals and handing off new clients to our onboarding team.

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I have several clients who have a need for this and also for adding users. 


Playbooks help the client trigger what they want in the next step or when the next step should occur.

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@plau Are there any plans on the roadmap to add the date picker functionality to Playbooks?


Voted. Makes complete sense. We need this to gather contract end dates.


Ability to add dates and users is fairly essential for us too. It would change so much for us having this functionality. 

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This is a must-have feature, it makes having Enterprise redundant as we would be better to use forms to capture this information. 


The fact that this isn't currently possible and has been a recommended idea for years now - really points out weaknesses in Hubspots designs and functionality in not just playbooks but workflows and the overall sales process.


Please make this a priority as it's such a simple but important functionality!


Playbooks are awesome. Who created them and thought "what a great feature to guide them in updating fields" and then also thought "but they wont want date fields"?

Please make this happen. Salespeople live and die by dates, and not having date fields in a salesfocused tool is kind of odd (to put it lightly). 


agreed that Playbooks need to be able to utilize a date picker property.


We want to use a playbook to help our sales team get all relevent information for our demos that includes a start date and end date for when the product is actually being used. 


How is this not already available? Ran into this issue on the VERY FIRST playbook I tried creating... Extremely frustrating. 

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Dates are powerful little robots in workflows. Let's make this idea a reality!


Are there any updates on this feature ?  Has it been added to a roadmap for an upcoming release?  This is critical as any good meeting has follow-ups with a set date to have the item completed, as others have said - this is a real short-coming for Playbooks IMHO.