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Ability to use custom content group types (as part of Tracking Code installation)

There are currently only a handful of very basic valid value options for content groups / content types, as part of HubSpot Analytics. The currently available options are listed below, as per this HubSpot article:

  • standard-page OR site-page
  • landing-page
  • listing-page
  • blog-post
  • knowledge-article

It'd be great if these groups could be expanded to account for common e-commerce use cases (e.g. "product", "product-category", "checkout" etc.). Ideally, however, I think a more robust solution would be to offer the ability to define and report on custom content group types. This would leave it wide open to all website types / use cases.

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We'd appreciate the flexibility to attribute traffic to a variety of custom content types we have, beyond just standard-page or site-page.



I've just had this same limitation, we have a community forum area of our site.

So it'd be great to attribute that as "forum".


We also have various other content types it'd be great to break up such as "webinar", "event", etc.


Allowing us to create custom content types for our reports would be amazing.