Ability to unenroll contacts from a sequence through form submissions

As of know there are only few triggers that unenroll contacts from sequences. None of them is realated to contacts clicking a link to fill out a form. It will be really helpful to have this as a trigger (click + form submission) so that sequences can actually be used to get contacts to fill out a form, or register to a webinnar for instance. 

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Would love for contacts to be un-enrolled from a sequence upon form submission 

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Agreed!  To make this even better, I would like to be able to unenroll contacts from a sequence based on LIST MEMBERSHIP.  That way, you could customize any action that would trigger unenrollment.  @Hubspot please help! Smiley Wink

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This would really save the day for me. For those of us who are not yet able to purchase the automation tools in Marketing Pro, this would make a huge difference.


Any response from @Hubspot on this idea?