Ability to translate properties


I would love the ability to translate properties. 


We operate in 6 different languages and often use properties to personalise emails. However for properties like countries or regions, we can't use in for all the languages as they are all set up in English. 


So usually i have to clone the property, translate and then use a workflow to append the correct value. 


It would be great to be able to hold multiple translation for one property.

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Both property labels and values should be translateable.


Really need this also! I have employees in french and english and need to create new properties bilingal!


would love to have an answer for this or see what option we have while we water for Hubspot to developed this option.


This would be really useful, again its a lot of work creating workflows when operating with 22 categories in four different languages. 





Following on from this I have mocked up what a potential solution could look like to meet the user case to help HubSpot visualise how this could work. Take a look here:


Translations User Case/Wireframe 


Critical for multi language like the original poster mentions and for global business looking to utilise a single portal


The current workarounds on offer are: 


- Clone all properties and rename to different language (We have custom properties in the 100's we also have complex integrations and API routines meaning this is unworkabel)


- Add the translation into the label i.e. "Customer Type / Kundentyp" however for companies using more than 2 languages this becomes unworkable


- Add the translation into the field description (this unfairly causes friction for other languages outside of your companies default, our German businesses would be at a disadvantage)


Therefore i believe the only solution is to create this new functionality