Ability to translate properties in form translations


The ability to be able to translate properties would be useful when translating the original form. Currently it's great you can auto translate the form - however this falls down when you dont also have the ability to translate the properties that might be incorporated in the form. As it means that when it comes to reporting you aren't able to view all the data derived from one property - as in order to make properties work as transaltions they need to be duplicated - making it in to another property. This creates more of a hassle as it means you then have to aggregate the two data sets rather than gather all data derived from the same property across all lanugages. Hope that makes sense.

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I think just the same way! I translate all my content to five different languages and it's exhausting to translate properties on forms everytime… But specially, translated properties would be great to use tokens! I have my properties in Spanish and I don't really know how to use a property token with a value in French, for example. 


This is so very much needed for international organizations! There should be an option within the property settings to input our own translations for the terms used by a specific property. This way we can actually automate across a multinational setting rather than having to create properties each time or spending forever to translate them in a form. 


For example, I'm responsible with getting HubSpot usage up across multiple countries, and it would be impossible for me to manage this if the main properties weren't in English. When translated by my users, the properties become useful in their context, but inadequate for me, because I can't offer any support or understand general trends and preferences. 


Agree! Plus file properties you aren't able to translate the button that says "Choose a File" -- very much need this ability. 


agree, it is very annoying having to have different language versions of the same properties, for example "industry". 

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Commenting on this for a customer. Do we already have a solution as this? 

When translating a form, the property, such as Countries, do not get auto translated when looking at the drop down options. This can be quite frustrating as it would require the customer to "type" out manually. 


Supporting this feature request. Much needed.


I have translated a landing page, I have translate the form, then I went to translate Custom Fields and discovered that those are not available. So I waste all the time in translating the landing page and the form because translations are useless if you have custom fields in it. 


This is a feature is a must!