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Ability to track/view performance of Smart Content Emails

Currently it is impossible to measure the performance of Smart Content emails since there is no reporting on it.  We would like to know what content is working best. How many contacts are receiving the smart content, how many open, click on it, etc.

We love the ability to send persona based emails but need a way to manage their effectiveness.


Thank you.

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I love the fact that Hubspot allows measuring people and their behavior. Very surprised that there isn't a way to measure effectiveness of different smart content.

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Improve the email report to include the different data per smart content part (there may be more than one smart block per email).
Including open, clicks etc


Also a break down of who got the generic version so we can see if there is a list issue


It would defintiely help if we could see email stats for the smart content. Right now, the generic version and smart versions are all combined.

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Yes! It would be excellent for me to see open rates and click rate per smart content rule...




I, too, am surprised that there is not the ability to report on the performance of emails that use smart content.  What is the end goal of using smart content if you can't measure the impact? 


Agreed! this is much needed

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This was announced as a new feature at Inbound '18


But I can't find where it is...

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Just spoke to HS support and here's what they have to say:


I have checked with my internal team and it looks like a smart content beta tool is close to completion as we will be rolling it out within the month!



 Good news!


We really need this!

HubSpot Product Team

Hi Contributers, thank you for the idea and for all the feedback, This feature is not available for Marketing Email yet. We are hoping to review this and, but this is not planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I am updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. I will update here once we have plans in place.






The ability to measure and analyze the performance of smart content in marketing emails would be very important for us too. Our target groups are too small for reliable A/B testing, plus there are usually too many versions of the smart content in an email for these tests to be practical.


So, we are looking forward for any improvements on the reporting of smart content emails. Until then, we have no choice but to make separate versions of the email. I agree with the previous replies that there's no point in using smart content in emails if you can't measure the performance.


Any updates to this Hubspot?? We need this to be able to track performance of smart content in email.


Agree with the above comments. It's useful to be able to target subgroups using smart content but not very useful if we can't understand the behavior of each of our target audiences.


I think it's really strange to introduce this great feature which smart content is, and not think it through all the way to the analytics part of it. How will I be able to improve my smart content if I don't know what works and what doesn't? For us smart content is a great way to save time as we have 22 different country/language combinations we make our emails in. So instead of 176 differrent emails we make 8, instead of 110 workflows we make 5. This is a great time saver, but we completely lose track of the performance that we do have in case we make all of these emails and workflows.


I know it will be quite hard to make a standard for it, because f.e. we have some text blocks having 9 smart rules, while the footer has 22 smart rules. However, I'm sure that when thinking this through, you'll be able to solve this, for example by having a customized analytics set up manually linking smart blocks to email versions that you can analyze.


Hi! 2020 and still interested in reporting on smart content. We are a data driven org, and I can't sell using smart content in emails without the ability to report.


Agreed, the smart content is not being used to the fullest extent if we cannot see any reporting data on it like the rest of the email. Sure you can check the top clicked links section and look for the URL that you used in your smart content, but what if the URL was the same as the default content? Then you really can't tell anything about how the smart content performed.


Agree with all my former contributers. We introduced smart content recently and were wondering why we can't see any stats. It mixes up our average stats for CTR, so we can't compare those emails with regular ones (without smart content). I don't get why the option is available, if we can't even tell for sure that it is helping our segments. Absolutely necessary!!!!


Hi HubSpot team,
Any update on this to track the performance of smart content? As you can see, there are many users who want to use smart capture but could't because of analytics limitations. Request to provide this option. Thanks. 


Hi Hubspot team,


This is a feature that we would also need on our side too!