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Ability to subscribe to all status updates

This idea concerns the HubSpot status page


Right now it is possible to subscribe to email updates for individual ongoing incidents, but there is no general email subscription option. The idea is to receive an email notification whenever anything whatsoever is reported on


As per the page footer, the HubSpot status page is a service provided by


Looking at other companies who provide status pages via , you can see that they provide this type of functionality. Examples are the following:


On all of these pages, it is possible to subscribe for email updates.


The option to receive automatic email status updates would help customers to stay on top of HubSpot status updates.

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Enabling RSS for the status page would be greatly appreciated.  We use Slack and would love to know when there is any pending issue that may occur.


I'm trying out subscribing to, which, referencing this page, is a way you can get RSS from the page. I've put it in to a Slack channel and will see if it works!


Yes please make this an available feature. It would be so helpful to be able to get a notification if HubSpot's systems go down.