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Ability to sort & filter Deals & Tickets within a contact view

As of today only 5 tickets / deals are shown per contact, on the contact view (on the tiles to the right). It's quite usual for us to have multiple pipelines (Deals or Tickets), and multiple tickets / deals associated to the same contacts.


Given that not all pipelines have the same importance, it'd be ideal if we could somehow order / filter the tickets / deals shown in the contact view. 


For example, let's say I have Service Pipelines A, B and C. With this feature, I would be able to exclude tickets from pipeline B (maybe they're not as important) from the Top-5 preview. Or I would also be able to order by pipeline and then by create date.

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Brilliant idea! You can already do that with associated contacts in company records by changing the sorting column in the view. I don't know why it's not the same for tickets.