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Ability to share dashboards externally

It would really benefit our team if we would be able to share our dashboards with customers. I have tried the email function but unfortunately, it cuts half of the dashboard out.


A live dashboard would be even better 🙂



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April 07, 2022 11:07 AM



My name is Shanker Sahai, I am the Product Manager for the Reports Management team and I am looking to speak to customers to learn how they would like to share reports and dashboards to Non HubSpot users or users. I am interested in learning more about what channels you wish to share reports or dashboards in (Email, Slack, etc etc), access control, type of file (PDF, CSV, PNG) and security.

Please email me at

Thank you

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Please, please, please. We need this so badly


Our organization would really benefit from this feature. We have clients who shouldn't have any access to HubSpot, but would benefit from visibility into the reports. It'd cut down on hours per week compiling data manually just for us to send over to the client in a static spreadsheet or email. 


We really need this for our company. We need to share a report dashboard to a company that is helping us with ads so they can constantly see it updated and we don't have to be so heavily involved in sharing info. At the moment they need to be added as a user to see this info...which, one downfall, means they would have access to everything else we have in Hubspot.... Not good at all.  Please update this. 


Yep - need to send to some customers and shareholders 


Important to share with partners 
and with outside relevant stakehoolders 


This really needs to be a thing, I'm looking to share a specific dashboard only to a third party agency without them having access to the rest of the reports.


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Hi, I need this feature to incorporate my report into a custom portal that I provide to my clients.

A function that allows me to export an iframe to embed within my portal would be really helpful.
Even just print the numbers without all the click or filter functionality.


Hello, We are also interested in having the option to share the reports and dashboards externally to our partners and customers. 


+1 in this idea!

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This is what our customers would like to have as well. 👍


++++++++ It's bonkers that this doesn't exist yey. Please add ability to share externally, otherwise our reports/dashboards are close to useless. 


We need this!


The use cases for us would be:



For example, we use an event management vendor. We like to share registration and event dashboard information across their team, but don’t necessarily want to add them as users in HubSpot



These team members don’t necessarily want to take the time to set up their user IDs. They just want to be able to access certain dashboards when they ask for them.


Board Members:

We don’t want to add board members as users, but would like to be able to share certain dashboards with them



Similar to vendors, we’d like to be able to share partner data with our partners, but do not want to add them as users in HubSpot.


Full Company:

A large portion of our org doesn't need access to HubSpot. But it would be nice to share specific dashboards with the entire org without adding everyone as a user.


Please add this feature. Badly needed for anyone that has to present numbers to advertisers on a weekly/monthly basis. We are considering moving to MailChimp because of the reporting convenience alone. 


+1 on this idea!


This would be SO valuable!



We are having a lot of issues sharing reports with our customers and investors. When I reached out to support, I was told that I am sh**-out-of-luck. But here it is in case you can do something about this.

  1. When emailed, the charts and tables are cut off on the right-hand side
  2. When printing, the charts and tables are cut off on the right-hand side
  3. It is not possible to download the report.
  4. The PDF attachment that is sent with the email also cut off the charts on the right-hand side
  5. Unable to share the dashboard with customers to enable them to have a full view of the report or dashboard. Since we cannot email the reports properly, we'd like to share the dashboards. However, they must have an account to see the dashboard. It'd be nice to be able to allow the email of a link with View Only access.


Currently, the email function for dashboard is not really useful due to the reports getting cut off


Cut Off Table in Email

cut off table .png



Actual Table in Dashboard

actual table.png


this is needed.  As well as the ability to email the data as a csv attachment vs forcing logging into the portal

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+1 We really need to be able to share or even embed a dashboard to show to external partners.

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This would be really neat! Would open the door to let companies run polls and surveys exclusively through hubspot with minimal dev.