Ability to set up default delay for follow up task

When sending a 1:1 email from a record in the CRM, creating a follow up task defaults to a follow up in 3 business days. 
It would be great for each user to have the option to customize the default follow up timing and to have a "7 days" option instead of having to choose a custom date

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I second this idea.


being able to choose a custom default followup period in my account would be even better and allow anybody to customize this - daily used - feature based on its own needs.

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Am I to understand that there is currently no way to delay a task follow up after a lead has been assigned to a Sales Rep?


We want a 7-day task, 14 day and 30 day follow up task. Is that possible?

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Hi @kabrahams 

More options are now available in the UI :

follow-up task.png

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But this is for sequences, I'm trying to accomplish this is the Workflow after a lead has been assigned.