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Ability to set goals by product (both amount and revenue)

I'd like to be able to set goals by product - our reps have goals for different product lines and also out goals are for amount and not revenue.

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HubSpot only allows for user-based goal management at the moment. 

This could be not all suitable for the corporates which make KPI out of their solution or product. Goal setting regarding the product/service might be a good idea.

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Goal setting measured by product or service is absolutely helpful as this will give more meaning to your revenue and deals target. Hope this can be added soon...

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Yes we want to show the team their goals for each product

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Yes, this feature is very requested by an enterprise customer of ours too. 


This is also a function we would desperately like, and improved reporting in general around product sales. We have overall company & sales person product quantity goals & revenue by product goals. Would be really great to have better off-the-shelf reporting for products, everything we've got setup currently is our own custom built reports, would love to see some additions on the sales analytics tool too for our most popular products/best performers etc..