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Ability to set default property in About card based on team

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It would be great to have an ability to set default property in About card based on team membership.


There are localized team and global team, the contact properties each team would need to look at are totally different. At the moment, each team need to find the properties which relevant to their team.

So it would be very convenitent to show the properties each teams would need.


Similar idea but a bit different from this: [Set default Properties when creating records based on team]

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I totally agree it would also be great to create generic About Properties based on Interest. For example, we are a small sales team of only four people; wedding and social events, conference and banqueting, corporate sales, and marketing. We all require different properties for our contacts. It's very time consuming to go into every particular contact that was added from a master list that didn't include the marketing information that we have now, and go and add each particular property when we're looking at hundreds of inquiries per team member.

Just a thought! 🙂




This is an important feature for us. The properties that our customer service team requires is different from what our marketing team needs. Having the ability to create different properties based on the team groupings of users.


Hope this comes to life sooner than later!



Echoing the comments made by the other users: this would save a lot of time, whether the team is large or small. This being a manual process for each team member is tedious, on top of the time investment!


Wonderful idea - I agree it would be beneficial. Hopefully this is something that can be applied sooner than later!


It's absolutely a must-have feature. Everyday people from different departments are complaining about not be able to see what they need.