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Ability to set default portal when logging in

Hi team,

Currently, when we log in, if we have mutliple accounts, the default portal is not the one that we "pinned".

It would be great if we can make the default portal equal to the account that we pinned; would be really helpful especially if we are users in multiple accounts.

Thank you!

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This is exactly what I was looking for.  Is there not a way to do this?


I manage multiple accounts for different companies as well as our own however there doesn't seem to be a way to set a default account that opens when you first open HubSpot. I'd like to be able to set our own one to always open first.


Would be great to be able to set my chosen account as the default one that opens either on login or under settings somewhere.

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This has to be a pain point for every Solutions Partner - I have access to over 50 portals, I imagine others have even more on the list. I've pinned our agency portals, but anytime I click links for Academy, Directory, Apps, etc. it prompts me to choose a portal and defaults to a random customer portal that has a star next to it - how can I change this star? 

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HubSpot support told me it's not possible.

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I'm a HubSpot partner too and am experiencing the same issue - not sure how or why a specific portal gets starred or how to change it 😕

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I am also experiencing this same issue, hopefully, there will be a solution to it in the future. Even though I have our agency's own portal pinned, it always defaults to a random client portal! Annoying! 🙂 


For some reason whenever I need to pick an account in HubSpot, the default one is my developer account. I can't find where to change this. Can someone please point me in the right direction ? 



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Hi @Zayne,


By hovering over a portal, you should see the option to pin / unpin a portal, could you try that?


Best regards


Hi Karsten. Thanks, that works. 


What's strange though is that before I pinned my main work account, the developer account was indicated with a star icon. So my thinking was that I had to look for a place/setting where I could 'star' another account. The UX here was confusing. 


Turns out this didn't help in the end. I'm back to being shown my developer account first. The star is still there. It seems as if there is something unique about the star rather than the pin.


This is yet another simple feature that's not available in HubSpot. 


Definitely experiencing this same trouble. My pinned account is not the default for some reason. 


Same problem here ! 


And me too, Surely this functionality must exist and none of can find it as it is such a simple fix


Second this - It's very frustrating. Spoke to support and it's still not possible which is crazy. 


Unfortunately, this does not solve my issue where the sandbox account is the default one (showing a star). Even if I pinned my main account.

Thanks for any other ideas.


Insanely aggravating - I help another company out with their HubSpot and now every time I log in I end up in their portal not ours. 




I have access to three accounts when I log in. two related to my business and one from a client. I spend 99.9% of my time in my main business account. But, when I log in, I always seem to default to my client account, which was the last account I was added to.


I would like a way to set a default account so that when I log in, I am always taken to the main account that I spend my time working within.


This would be especially handy because I use the Gmail extension for HubSpot, so if I am logged in to Hubspot but on the wrong account, my Gmail contacts get added to the wrong account. 


I hope that this setting can be added very soon!


Many thanks,


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guess this still hasn't been done?

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Very much needed. Also for clients. Client will go automatically to their sandbox, and not their live environment.