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Ability to set default fonts and font sizes in email sent from within the CRM

There should be a way to set the default font and font size in the Email client within the CRM?

Occasional Contributor

I would like to set the default font size seen when sending an email from a contact record to 11, without having to change it manually each time. It is currently 9 which is too small.

New Contributor

Hey Michael,


It's under Content > Content Settings > Colors and Fonts. You can specify your font and font size here. Or do you mean on the Sales side only?

Occasional Contributor

no one answer ? I've the same request/need

Occasional Contributor

I cannot find it where exactly do you mean?

New Member

Hi Agree


Emails sent from CRM says default font is sans serif but it's actually helvetica.


I would have thought being able to adjust the default font and size would be a basic/obvious feature!

Occasional Contributor

It's very annoying and makes my emails look unprofessional!


Simple and essential feature missing from the CRM

New Member

Ping. Me too!

New Member

I agree - I think setting a default font and size is a no-brainer, can't believe its a feature that's missing from such a comprehensive CRM in so many other ways. It's making sales emails look unprofessional and off-brand - or requires manual input from the sales team which wastes time/is subject to human error. 


Whilst we're on the topic, I'd also like to see more fonts available across the whole of Hubspot CRM & Marketing packages.  We have had to use a completely different font for the marketing and CRM emails compared to the rest of our branding (inc. website etc), as there are only 5 or so very basic fonts to choose from at the moment.  It would be nice to be able to appear polished and consistent throughout all our marketing efforts.  

New Member

This obvious feature should be available.  Please add functionality for default Sales email font styles.

Regular Contributor

Adding my name to the list of people who would like to be able to control the default font. Whilst sequences and templates are a great time saver, having to manually adjust font type, size and colour is making the functionality redundant.