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Ability to set default fonts and font sizes in email sent from within the CRM

There should be a way to set the default font and font size in the Email client within the CRM?

New Member

agreed. i actually just end up opening my email client as this is not usuable for me at the moment. 

Regular Contributor

Indeed @elijah - I'm doing the same at the moment other than for sequences as it's too time consuming to copy and paste repeatedly and schedule send (without the guarantee of crossing emails). 


Remember to give kudos to the OP so HS moderators notice. Cat Happy

New Contributor

I'm not one of those suggesting that we have unlimited font choices.  But 90% of the market uses Outlook for e-mail and the default e-mail font is Calibri.  Porting over my Outlook e-mail signatures, I ran into quite a time black hole in setting up your system.  My Outlook signatures use Calibri, which is san-serif and your e-mail body text defaults to Times Roman -- very, very few professionals use times roman as a default body text font.  Every time I use your system for e-mail, I now have to mannually choose Verdana to get something close to the outlook default.  Give us more font options, including the ability to set a default for all of our e-mail communications.

Regular Contributor

Couldn't agree more. From a corporate branding viewpoint, we need to be able to globally set the font & size for all emails sent. 

Occasional Contributor

HubSpot's light gray system fonts make it challenging to use and everything looks a little faint, or washed out, on my PC, especially when I am entering information into a contact's record.  The faint labels for each field (or property) can be difficult to discern, especially on smaller screens such as laptops.  Can the default system fonts be made a little darker? This does not have to do with my computer's screen settings, but with HubSpot's overly faint system fonts.

Please make the system fonts a little darker to improve readability. Thanks.


New Member

Yes please!

New Contributor

Hi team/community,


I really love sequences and e-mails in my HS CRM. But when i need to adjust the font and size on every sequence mail i will send. Everything i saved in time with sequence will be upeaten by this stupid activity to change font and size on every email... So pls adjust this nonsens deploy asap.


Thank you