Ability to set default fonts and font sizes in email sent from within the CRM

There should be a way to set the default font and font size in the Email client within the CRM?

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Much like everyone else I am surprised that this is not a basic feature of the CRM and at the moment I am using my own email server so I can use calibri. With this feature not available, our brand will look messy and disordered due to the fact we cannot use Calibri through the CRM emails and this is the font we have been using for years!

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I requested the ability to choose darker system fonts in all the various HubSpot CRM screens, such as when taking notes and entering customer contact information, as the very light gray fonts on a white screen are difficult to read.


My request was folded into this email font thread.  Can we get resolution on the email fonts AND on the too-light system fonts as well?




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I would like to see this as well - it is frustrating to have to do this manually for every email that I type

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Add me to this post. It seems like it is included in the paid version - https://knowledge.hubspot.com/email-user-guide-v2/how-to-set-up-your-email-fonts-and-colors.

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Do we know if there are any plans to add this feature to the HubSpot product pipeline schedule?


Having to manually edit the font size and type on the sales email function is inefficient. At the very least, it would be helpful if it simply saved your last selection (if offering a default option makes this solution more complex and pushes release timelines out).

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100% agree and add my name to the request list. 

Changing the font every time i want to send an email isn't all that fun.



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I agree 105%.  The default font is way too small for me and the people I'm sending it to.  Should also be able to have a default font.  In addition, be able to change font size in signature.

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Just to be clear, this request is for the CRM emailing function!


Definitely need to be able to set a default font, font size and colour (text and links) for the emails and email templates we send.

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I'll cast my vote to this feature aswell. Hope to see it get fixed in the near future.

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Please create a customized default font setting. The current setup of manual changing the font, font size and color renders this function useless for professional emailing, as consistency is essential. I will continue to use outlook until this seemingly easy fix is made.

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I want to have a greater choice of font and colour please. I use blue Arial 10 pt in emails sent via Outlook and have set the HubSpot email signature to do this via the HTML editor but I can't do it for the text body. It makes my emails look unprofessional to and mismatched.

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There should be a way to also set your signature font and size as well.  


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This should be a basic function in email.  We do not use the fonts you provide. 

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Same here. This should be fixed asap since this is very frustrating while sending a lot of emails every day. 

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Uh, guys...? Please create this setting. Thanks! 

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This is an absolute MUST and I'm shocked HS hasn't done anything about it. As of this week (May 2018), Sales/CRM users are unable to create Default settings for Font & Size text. I notice the original posting was over a year ago. This should be a basic feature. With the use of grey backgrounds (which I absolutely HATE), it makes it even harder to read. (I'd like to remove those grey backgrounds, too!). The idea is to be able to actually read your own notes, etc., but HS seems to do everything possible to make the Sales/CRM side impossible to use. I also don't see anyone from HS updating us on when some attention will actually be paid to the sales side. Is anyone actually reading these & putting them on a list for fixing in the next 6 months?

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still nothing. BIG upvote!!

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Adding my vote to the four page and year-long plus request for this feature in the Sales CRM. This is bonkers.


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Big Upvote!

Can't believe it's not already there...

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Hey Hubspot, how many likes are needed to take this seriously?