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Ability to select Marketing Contacts using active lists

In HubSpot, you can now set certain contacts as "marketing" and others as "non-marketing" to control the number of billable contacts that adds to your contact tier. Hooray for this update! Heart


To select contacts as "marketing", you can use a contact filter, or a workflow, or by form submission, but you can't trigger marketing contacts based on active list membership. 

This would be particularly useful for a customer of ours who uses Marketing Starter subscription to make the process much less manual and more intuitive as these lists would grow based on specific, targeted criteria. 





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How do you mark a contact as "non-marketing"?


How does this work? This would be incredibly helpful since a lot of our "contacts" aren't actually leads or anyone we would put through a workflow. We're a consulting company and we get a lot of form fills from companies wanting to work on our government projects. 

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Hi Anna!


Marketing / non-marketing contacts is a feature currently being trialled in Australia & New Zealand; hopefully there should be an update on global roll-out soon 🙂 




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I think this is exactly what I am looking for.


1. Select Contacts based on an existing active list (being fed by one or more subscription memberships)

2. Subscribe the selected Contacts to a specific subscription 


Rather simple, but NOT POSSIBLE IN HUBSPOT.