Ability to see where contacts are in a sequence - Sequence Level

It would be very helpful to see how many (and ultimately click out to a list) contacts are in which part of a sequence at any given time.


I know that we can go to a list to see if someone is enrolled, but, at the list level, it doesn't show which sequence, just "Now in Sequence" and "true" or "false". I know we can also open each record and see which step of a sequence a contact is in, however, this is not scalable when we are running large sets of leads/contacts through a sequence.


I would like to be able to open the sequence itself (like I would edit) and have a callout bubble or something that showed I had 'x' number of contacts at step 2 and 'y' number of contacts at step 5.


Ultimately, this would help our leadership team know how well contacts are moving through the sequence and if we are executing timely as a team so that we do not lose leads on non-execution.