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Ability to see if an agent is working on a ticket

We have staff which shifts overlap for a few hours, sometimes they end up working on the same ticket, as they don't know who is working in it or not, with Zendesk we were able to see when an agent was working with a ticket, by displaying if an agent had a ticket open or not.


Our support agents are aiming to work on ALL TICKETS queue, so they can help each other and meet our SLAs better.


Please see screenshot attached of other software allowing this feature, software is TradeGecko and Zendesk


attachment1_Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 11.39.30 AM.pngattachment2_Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 11.42.32 AM.png

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@AndyPitre - if it is visible in the Conversations Inbox, why not copy the code to the ticket view? 🙂


Our previous CRM system would give us a prompt letting us know that someone else was viewing that ticket.  This would be a huge benefit to us and is a huge feature that is missing from HubSpot currently.


This is such a key feature, and it is unbelievable that hubspot has not implemented it. 


Hubspot seems to work with a very "sales team" mindset, where certain contacts would only be worked by certain people; therefore, there is no collision. But this is not how Support teams work. I feel there is a lack of understanding from Hubspot on how customer support teams work, as the most basic features are not available.


Pretty large oversight that I think should have been developed by now - we are coming from Zoho Desk.

I think this needs to be implemented on ALL records - including tickets, deals, contacts, companies.


Having a clue, pop-up, or indicator that someone is also on a record with you, be it a ticket, contact, or otherwise can give you the opportunity to not collide and to potentially double the work or introduce confusion to a contact or customer when they receive a phone call, email, or other communications from your company.


Please add this feature. It is basic and necessary


Agreed, this is vital to companies that don't have dedicated agents working with just their tickets or customers.