Ability to see how many emails a contact has received - custom time period.


Have the ability to see how many emails certain contact has received on a given time period.  In a report format ideally.


This would be helpful as it would help identify how many emails we send to each individual over a certain time period. I.e. if we send 5 emails in 1 week to one member then we know we need to not send as many. 


Whether it be on the subscriber type level - it would be good to understand how many emails someone has received over a given time period. 

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YES! This!

Would love to be able to do this without having to specifically go through every known email to be sent and have it on an ongoign rolling basis, as well as differentiate from automated emails (aka ones they get fro filling out a form vs a marketing email)

AKA exclude anyone who has received an email from us in the last week.


This would be so helpful when working hard not to fatigue a contact list.