Ability to see contact who viewed 404 error page

Currently, there is no feature that can see that contact has ever accessed to 404 page. 

If we have ability to see the 404 page, we are able to identify which page is not published and we can set up the redirect. 


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We had a sudden increase in 404 traffic and could not determine why. Having this feature would be awesome. We had to have support dig in and help us determine exactly what a contact did that caused the 404, set up a redirect, etc.  Other than logging into Google analytics and finding these, I do not know of a way to investigate these via Hubspot . UpVote! Smiley Happy





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YES! We need this too. I manage a lot of WP sites and I do this through a simple plugin


A feature that looked like this with column 2 being a simple fill in, would be AMAZING! Then all redirects should also appear in the master redirects section.





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Upvote this! I would like to know how to implement this or if there's a workaround. At moment, there's no visibility of pages that have been redirected to a 404 page. This is particularly needed for our organization so we would track potential drops to 404 page.

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+1 from me. We recently launched our new site https://www.digitalsamba.com and we want to be able to track when a lead comes from an indexed link and lands on a 404. Simply showing us the URL of the page he sees the 404 on in the activity stream would be immensely helpful and allow us to create a redirect. A button or mini-form right there in the activity stream next to the 404 notification to "create redirect" would be bliss.




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I actually am floored this isn't an existing feature ... basic table stakes reporting for a product that offers web analytics ... 

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@Yoshi What's the news on this? Our executives are asking me for this information... We are talking about migrating to wordpress. Smiley Sad

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This is a much-needed feature, and an overstep to not include in the CMS.