Ability to see Company properties within the deal view


It'd be great to be able to see certain company properties within the deal view -- currently if we want this data visible, we need to create a duplicate property, then a workflow set up to copy the property information across.


However if we then update the Company property, we need to go in and update the Deal property...!


Just being able to view the existing company property within the deal would be a great way to deal with this.

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Agree! I would like to be able to relate a property or show across objects. 


Example: I have the field on the contact record called: Certificate Number and I need this field to also appear on the Company record. Currently, you would need to create a custom field on the Company record, then create a workflow to copy the value. Ideally, we would have a process called "duplicate property across objects " and when selected the Certificate Number field would be created in Contact and Company and the value would be synchronized. 


Another solution would be to create the option to just show another object's property. The property Certificate Number would still stay on the Contact record, but you should show it on the Company profile view.