Ability to run reports that include Google Ads activity


Trying to run an attribution report to better understand our ROI on our google ads. We have a google integration setup. Apparently, this is not listed as an activity to filter a report. But the data is there in our dashboard and reports, so this seems like something you should be able to do?! I'd love to run a report that shows contacts which are customers where their first activity was an ad click. 

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It would definitely be useful to have this reporting available to be able to add Ads as an asset to an existing campaign or to be able to run an attribution report on specifically Ad Campaigns. The current reporting does not have the same rich visualizations available in the reporting section of HubSpot.


please add this!!


I would like to add an additional report request for Google Ads attribution and assisted contacts.    Please could you investigate adding an additional report for Marketing Ads which shows Assisted Conversions where the contact arrived at our website via paid search but did not take an action but revisited the website directly and took an action and converted to a contact.  IE first touch was paid search but conversion was direct. Thanks