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Ability to reorder the properties of a Product - (Library Edit and Line Edit)

Easy recomendation to make Configured Products section that much cooler.


Hello, I'm really hoping this post gets some attention with a quick fix.  It appears that the Product Library is the only Object (pseudo Object) that doesn't give you the ability to order the properties or UD created properties in a series or priorty or individual need.  We have a bunch of UD properties  and  standard Hubspot properties that are listed in a RANDOM order. 


As a custom engineerer manufacturer too, we have started to use the configured parts module of a DEAL but our Sales Application Team is starting to complain about the "Hunting" they have to do to add all pertinant information that is required in the Randomly ordered product edit list to issue a quote. They are beginning to request that we split Catalog items quotes with Hubspot and maintain engineered/custom products in our ERP Epicor system. Not thrilled about that so I'm hoping there are some quick solutions. 


Hopefully the Hubspot Community and Hubspot Staff will respond with swiftly to this post....some pics attached for review.  thanks,  Rearrange Order of Product Libary properties.JPGRandom Sort.JPG



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This is awesome....great idea!


I had a customer reach out for this as well! Ideally, it would be nice to also add Designated or Required Products as well for product packages that require other products in the product library!