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Ability to remove subscription types

In order to create a more streamline process we need to the ability to remove subscription types since even when creating a list based on a subscription type the inactive ones show as well. This is causing confusion when trying to create a list based on these types.


We need the ability to remove these. 

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I definitely agree, I created a few in error and I understand I can make them active or inactive, but to keep things clean and tidy it would be great to delete them.

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Absolutely, couldn't agree more with the previous posts. It would be very helpful being able to delete unused lists.


A quick solution I can think of for now, while we wait for HubSpot to add in this feature, is editing the list's name and adding something like "do not use".


This would be great. It seems crazy that we cannot remove a subscription type that no longer is relevant or was added by mistake. 


Agree with this suggestion. We are in an effort to merge a couple of subscription types to streamline our front and backend process but now, when we are designing a workflow or a list, all of the inactive ones are shown and can cause confusion to both agencies working with us and also our team.


At least, provide us with a check mark not to show inactive subscription types when creating lists or workflows or using contact filters much like how you did it with inactive (contact/company) owners. Thanks!


I totally agree, HubSpot users need to be able to delete subscription types in order not to mess up the backend.



It makes sense and makes something easier to handle it.

We don´t need older subscription types.  


Agree 100%


We added "ARCHIVED" to the front of subscription types that we no longer want to use, but it would be much cleaner and easier if we could just delete them.


Our company only wants two subscription types:

Marketing information

Contract information


The problem is, that the original contract information subcription is only useable for 1 to 1 communication. This is a big problem as we as a company with over 1.000 customers just had some renamings. So we had to share contract informations and didn`t want to do it 1 to 1 but 1 to all. So I created a second contract information subscription wich we can use for our case BUT the original can not be deleted. 


PLEASE make it possible to delete the original contract information subscription or allow us to use it for one to all communications. A change of the company name or the legal form is not uncommon!


Best, Stefan


I would also like to see a private communication subscription so we can use the platform for internal communications. 


I'll give another update to this, such a simple request, please implement.


I would love to see this implemented. I'm not sure why it isn't already an option.


I agree the ability to delete is much needed


Upvoting this idea. I created a number of subscription types while testing and they show up when retrieving subscriptions via the api, even when they are set to archive. 

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+1 The ability to delete subscription types is much needed. That would help to keep the account clean.


I wonder if there's any update to this suggestion. Was it considered a feature request for development this year?