Ability to remove subscription types

In order to create a more streamline process we need to the ability to remove subscription types since even when creating a list based on a subscription type the inactive ones show as well. This is causing confusion when trying to create a list based on these types.


We need the ability to remove these. 

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I definitely agree, I created a few in error and I understand I can make them active or inactive, but to keep things clean and tidy it would be great to delete them.

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Absolutely, couldn't agree more with the previous posts. It would be very helpful being able to delete unused lists.


A quick solution I can think of for now, while we wait for HubSpot to add in this feature, is editing the list's name and adding something like "do not use".

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This would be great. It seems crazy that we cannot remove a subscription type that no longer is relevant or was added by mistake. 

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Agree with this suggestion. We are in an effort to merge a couple of subscription types to streamline our front and backend process but now, when we are designing a workflow or a list, all of the inactive ones are shown and can cause confusion to both agencies working with us and also our team.


At least, provide us with a check mark not to show inactive subscription types when creating lists or workflows or using contact filters much like how you did it with inactive (contact/company) owners. Thanks!

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I totally agree, HubSpot users need to be able to delete subscription types in order not to mess up the backend.


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It makes sense and makes something easier to handle it.

We don´t need older subscription types.  

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Agree 100%


We added "ARCHIVED" to the front of subscription types that we no longer want to use, but it would be much cleaner and easier if we could just delete them.