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Ability to remove default Hubspot industry types

Many of the Hubspot supplied industry types on the Company object are not relevant for us and we would like to reduce the list down to just those relevant for our business. Currently it's only possible to add Company Industry types, not to remove them. I can see other similar questions around this in the forum so I think we aren't alone in this need. Could this be considered as a feature improvement? Many thanks.

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I think being able to delete is nice, maybe even just hide so it can be added back in the future if needed.


Also, while it's nice to add new industries manually, it would be nice if the Industries were updated globally to include emerging industries (like AI)


Yes, we would like that capability too.  OR Hide is good too!

So many default Industry Types and we want to have the ability to delete the ones that do not pertain to our business.


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I came up with a workaround for my clients because they really traget about a dozen indutsries and the rest are a bad fit.  I took the native list Hubspot AI populates, grouped the applcable into the dozen target industries specific to clinet, made those a drop down, and made a workflow. 


1. If industry is known enroll

2. Branch logic was dependent on the dozen target industry where in some cases multiple Hubspot industry values were bucketed to one branch. Last was if none of the above match, other (aka bad fit). 

3. On each branch, set new industries specific to clinet property from a short list dropdown.   


Now go back to the native hubspot industry property in settings and change the access to private to super admins only so your team won't add it to views, lists, reports, etc.  


This would really be nice to be able to do. The industry list is way too long and we really need to be able to hide or delete all the industries we dont need. I dont really understand why this has to be disabled.