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Ability to redirect to multiple thank you page based on form response

On a form, there is a field with two different responses, which helps to determine the ideal customer. It is very important to have the feature to redirect a visitor to separate thank you pages based on the response. To B2B customers, we sell our products directly but to B2C customers, we redirect them to e-commerce channels (such as eBay or Amazon). In this case, both the types of customers are important. We can use one landing page and form to target both types of audiences to promote the product but redirect them to the relevant offer/content based on the response.


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I have a form with a field that asks a question with two different responses. It would be good to have the functionality to redirect to separate thank you pages based on the response.


For example, if Mr Lead chooses answer A, they will go to thank you page A, if they choose answer B, they will go to thank you page B.


This would allows us to present our leads with content that truly is relevant to them.


I would also like to implement conditional redirects based on form selections.


This would be fantastic for distributing to territory based sales teams.


I would love to see forms work a little more like a workflow, when you can build out some conditional rules.


I came across this issue today and tried to do a work-around using smart content on the thank you page, but unfortunately lists don't update right away and it didn't work. I would love to see this feature in a future Hubspot update.


I agree - This is a functionality we have in Wordpress that I am just now realizing we do not have in Hubspot.  It's a major issue when trying to filter and direct qualifying leads.


 We really need this functionality.


Has anybody come up with a way around this yet?


I thought of creating a list of people who had said 'Yes' in the form and then making smart content on the thank you page for people who were in the list of people who had said 'Yes', but the list just can't update itself in the split second between someone submitting the form and viewing the thank you page, so everyone sees the default text regardless of their answer on the form.


It would be awesome to have this. It's frustrating to have to jump into the middle of a workflow to manually send people more information if they check "yes" on a form versus if they check "no". 


This would be highly benefitial for us. We desperatly need this ability as we use the forms to qualify leads.


This would be incredibly helpful for us as we use forms as qualifying factors for our leads. Even basic conditional logic would be great!


Really need to get this feature implemented ASAP please! 


I fully support this idea! This is a much needed feature. 


This would make life so much easier. Instead of us having to send users to a generic thank you page, we could do some serious funneling to pointed content.


Would love this feature too. Would be really useful!


For example: Some type of customers we would like to redirect to a meeting page, for others, to a video demo page.

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I was directed to this idea when I was checking into using two buttons on a form. We've been using a Survey Monkey integration to collect info in HubSpot, but the connection isn't robust enough. So, we're building an application form using landing pages. Mimicing Survey Monkey, we want break it into multiple pages, and are doing so by redirecting the submission to the next page. The element we're missing is being able to give the applicant the option to navigate back to the previous page. Would really like to be able to have 2 buttons so we could add the BACK and NEXT functions.

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You can specify conditional redirects by modifying the embed code. In this example I used radio buttons to determine the redirect URL:


<!--[if lte IE 8]>
<script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
		portalId: "xxxxxxx",
		formId: "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
		css: "",
		onFormSubmit: function($form) {
			var choice = $('input[name="redirect_choice"]:checked').val();
			if (choice == 'Redirect 1') {
				window.location = '';
			} else if (choice == 'Redirect 2'){
				window.location = '';
			} else if (choice == 'Redirect 3'){
				window.location = '';

Hope that helps!




This would be great.  I would love this feature.

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YES WE NEED THIS. We need to send unqualified people to a different landing page and qualified people to a different landing page. This will help with Facebook/LinkedIn tracking so we can track those effectively as well.


This would be great!!