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Ability to rearrange property groups manually

Currently, when you open a Deal and navigate to "view all properties", you'll see the property groups in the center panel of the UI. Each property group, of course, can be expanded to reveal the properties that are contained within.


The problem is that these property groups can't be rearranged in any manner. They are arranged by order of creation, and there's no way to change that. This makes it difficult for users who are dealing with a lot of groups, who need to put the most important ones at the top. Furthermore, you can't rearrange the other of the properties within each group, either.


This would be a huge timesaver, if users could have the option to rearrange the order of their properties and property groups so that the most important ones can be surfaced to the top.

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This would be so so helpful! 

Certainly in our case as we evolve and improve our internal processes we want to be able to add groups and have them in a certain order for our uses to work through, in that order as its easier and quicker for them.

Currently we have our groups numbered, but theyare all jumbled up and there is no way to re order them so they run 01, 02 ,03, 04, 05 etc.

Hubspot please make this an option!

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My Enterprise customer needs this badly.  This should be an added feature soon!


Do you know any workaround for this?
It has been a year since the post and looks like HS is not taking care of this.


Also really need this! Groups should help users work through incremental processes, following steps.


It's painful that this isn't a thing - moving from Salesforce to Hubspot CRM, it feels like we're losing a lot of customisation. While I understand that you can create customisation within sidebars, etc, HubSpot doesn't allow you to:

  • Actually hide fields from user groups that you've restricted view permission for (i.e. they can still see the Title of a restricted field, it doesn't remove it from their view) 
  • While it makes you SEE everything, you also can't move things around the page in the centre 'All Properties' tab
    • This is super counter intuitive. I'm trying to limit what my Sales teams see in terms of fields they don't need to bother looking at or filling out. 
  • Painful.