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Ability to "favorite" or "star" specific templates or sequences for easier access

There should be a way to mark specific templates or sequences as your "favorites" that way I can easily access those templates/sequences I have flagged and use the most. 


Currently, the only way to do this is by sorting by last used or saving the ones i use the most to a folder. This still takes a little too long where having a button at the top that shows my favorites would save me a ton of time. 

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I came here to say the same thing! Each member of my team uses different templates and it would be so nice if they could "favorite" the ones they use the most.


There is already. Click the star. Then when you want to find it, filter and select "favorites"

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This would be SOOO much more user-friendly and get my team using templates more. 


As a note to @EParzek 's comment above - we're talking about SALES templates not the marketing email templates