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Ability to pin more than 5 views on the company list

Being able to pin different views is really helpful, but it would be great to be able to pin more than 5. We filter our customers in various ways and then our prospects too and it would be great for our team to be able to pin all the views relevant to them. 

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I absolutely agree! Thanks!


I agree and would also like to be able to pin more than 5 views! 


For an overview of the marketing and sales process As a marketer, I would like to be able to have an overview of our marketing, sales and service process available. Pinned views allow you to do this, but 5 pinned views does not allow you to pin down the entire process. I would like to pin views for all lifecycle stages, For some stages I even need multiple views. So I'm looking at a set of 10 pinned views.


For example we need:

1. All Subscriber contacts View

2 All Lead contacts View

3. All MQL contacts View

4. All MQL disqualified contacts view (these are set to MQL for our marketing team to re-evaluate)

5./6./7. All SQL contacts View (this view is actually split in 3 separate views based on lead status: NEW, IN PROGRESS and NOT NOW) 

8. All Opportunity contacts View

9. All Customer contacts View

10. All Evangelists contacts View

(We don't use a view for the contacts set in Lifecycle stage Other)


If we could pin these views that would provide a great overview of our entire process.


I absolutely agree. Why set a limit at 5? 


It would be great if we can add more than 5 in the future!


I agree with this as well. There should not be a limit on the amount of views you can have.


Yes definitely, hubspot should allow pinning more than 5 views to filter our contact stages accordingly.


This would be amazing if we had more than 5 views. Especially as there is a lot of space at the top for more


I have Close Won, Close Lost and Pipeline custom views. Why not allow more pins?


I Agree completely


I totally agree with this! Especially when you got new employees that still need to learn the ropes.. This might be a great start to have a good overview before they know more about hubspot. I would really appreciate it if Hubspot makes it able to do so. I mean what helps us helps you guys doesn't it?


Our agents are struggling becuase of this stupid 5 pin limitation. 


@hubspot, your platform is built to enable sales people. Why would you limit us to X amount of views? Not one size fits all. Please allow us to add as many views as we want.

To everyone else on this thread, I would love to hear your workarounds. For me, I am just creating a Google Chrome folder that has all my favorite hubspot views.


agree! Some users like the list view rahter than the kanban one.


Upvote!! I really need to be able to pin more than 5! 

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Agree to this idea, users can do so much more on the list view and often need to have more pinned views for more productive usability and team collaboration. 


Please allow us to pin more than 5 views. I just started using the system and I like it a lot. I have a small company that is growing slowly and will definitely need to aquire your purchased program, but in order for me to get there I need to increase productivity and having around 10 views with proper filters would allow me to use time more productively. I have been very impressed with your system this 1st month and can not wait to get to the point where we actually subscribe but before that please listen to us, your customers.


please allow us to pin more than 5 views. This really makes no sense. 


Agreed - 10 or more pinned views would be ideal!


Agreed - we would ideally have a view for each month of the year (so at least 12 views that can be pinned). Not sure why you would set a limit on this as well?