Ability to pass custom built Shopify Properties via Native Integration


Currently the native Shopify integration using the eCommerce Bridge doesn't pull custom Shopify fields into HubSpot and it would be great if it could do that.


Use Case example:

The Shopify site sells sports clothing - when ordering a sports jersey, you can order multiple sizes (variants on the line item) and then for each size option you can specify a players name and number (and that's the custom information). This custom information on the order does not come into HubSpot.



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Agreed, variants carry important information that should absolutely be synced to HubSpot.


Plus 1 for this!

We have a lot of extra custom properties we want to push through from Shopify for invoicing, ie if we invoice another company for online purchase and want all that info centralised on the contact section to go through to the invoice rather living in Shopify.

If we cannot push through all this information it means we have to create the invoice from Shopify to Xero - but ideally, it would all come from Hubspot and all the information like business name address and business email would just be in HubSpot along with all the order details so we could just sync HubSpot to Xero.

I will try and solve this right now by including things that need to sync in the tags.