Ability to overwrite Deals by importing a CSV

For administration as well as pipeline housekeeping, it would be extremely useful to be able to export your pipeline into a CSV, and do any data-cleanup and revenue calulations in a spreadsheet and re-import these deals in a CSV and have these changes overwrite the existing deals in Hubspot. 

I suggest this because the speed and flexibility of managing large volumes of data in spreadsheet applications such as Excel, or Google Sheets is far better than doing this sort of administration work in Hubspot. It also allows you to use mathematical formulas to calculate revenue figures.

For example: Your team has been using a specific pipeline structure for over a year and recently went in and optimized how your pipeline is structured. This includeds new feilds for revenue figures you never filled in before that will be used for trends and reporting. The problem is becuase these feilds didn't exist perviously, no one was filling them in. This can easilly be solved in a spreadsheet very quickly but not in Hubspot's bulk-edit feature. 

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