Ability to organize/modify associated contacts within a company record


I want the ability to prioritize/sort/order the associated contacts on a company record. I'd like to be able to pin my main point of contact at the top of that list -- especially when I'm working with companies that have 10+ associated contacts.

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This would also be good if you could organize contacts within a deal and if you could 'archive' contacts against a deal, so you can keep their historic emails, but mark them as having moved off the customer's team. 

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100%. With the addition of Account tracking on a Company record, the contacts sorting needs a drastic overhaul. Why do we have to click "View more in filtered view" to always find the champion, decision-maker, or anyone else? This seems like a layup for Product.


I can't believe that it is not yet a feature in Hubspot. I've worked in B2B and now B2C, and I always need to prioritize my customer contacts based on decision maker, support, and admin roles. Esp. when you sell into Fortune 500 companies, which usually have 10-20 contacts within one organization. This is one of the most crucial features in a CRM! I've used different CRMs in the past that offer contact priority, but somehow Hubspot lacks this feature. 



Would be great! It's a nightmare for my sales team to prioritize when they have 20+ contacts for the same account!