Ability to move conversations to another Mailbox within Hubspot

We have different departments using different email addresses, and from time to time, emails find themselves in the wrong mailbox, but we're unable to simply move them to the correct mailbox, instead, we have to contact someone from the 'other' team to let them know there is something in another mailbox needing their attention - quite a basic need I thought as was possible with all previous systems we used. And I'm sure it can't just be our business in need of this feature??

We'd love to see that come soon!

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Hey @vvadlamani filled out the form (twice I think) in last couple weeks. When can I expect to be ungated for the beta?


Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

Hello everyone! 


Happy to let you all know that this feature is now available to all eligible customers. More details about the functionality here - https://knowledge.hubspot.com/inbox/collaborate-with-your-team-in-the-conversations-inbox#move-a-con...


Appreciate your patience during this process. 


Vijay Vadlamani

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Thank you for creating the ability to move a conversation to a different inbox.  Is that process available to be triggered within a workflow? If so , where?