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Ability to merge companies that have parent/child records

Right now if you want to merge company records and any of those are set as either a parent or child record, you have to first remove that relationship before you can merge them. 


When they are related to 1 or 2 companies that isn't too much of a problem, but if the company you wish to merge is related with 10+ companies it is incredibly impracticle to have to first unassociate them from each of those, merge them and then reassociate them again. 


There must be a way that we can merge companies without needing to unassociate them first. 

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Need this. We have many companies to merge but it's not feasible to do when there are 30-50 companies associated with either of the companies that need to be merged. We work with schools and districts where there (in theory) are hundreds of associated companies to the parent (district) but when duplicates arise, we are unable to merge many of them.


Yes. This. Annoying as is.


Yes please! I don't really understand why you can't merge Parent (or child) companies in Hubspot. In our business this happens all the time and all our customers have these relations. Now, we have to unlink all the companies, merge the parent companies and than link the child companies again. 


This would make database maintenance so much easier to merge this. Hubspot needs to make this happen.


This feature is definitely necessary!