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Ability to make workflows full screen for easier viewing

It would be very useful to be able to view the workflow work area in a full-screen view without the top navigation bar, and title. This takes up a large proportion of the screen with options that you do not need whilst you are working on creating/editing the workflow.


This way you could see more of the workflow as you are working on it and not have to zoom out. Zooming out make the text much smaller and harder to read.


This would make it much easier to see the progression of the workflow and how the process flows down and branches off. Also it would make it much easier to explain/show the workflow to others without the constant need to zoom out and endless scrolling!

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Great idea! I'd love to be able to see more of my workflow on the screen! 🙌


I have struggled with this for so long!  It is so easy to get "lost" or miss a key step in setting up the workflow because of constant scrolling around the screen. 


I would also like to be able to export a pdf of the workflow for reviewing with team members.  I have been using to map them out for a larger visualization but its such unnecessary work when a pdf should be easy to export.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all! We are actively looking at new ways to improve "navigation" of larger workflows. Amongst a few of these features we are looking at this idea for what @AmandaEdsall suggests.


As for easier ways to navigate, what specifically are you looking for in a feature and are there examples in other products that you think would be useful to take a look at?