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Ability to lock down existing line item properties

It would be great if you could choose which line item properties were editible after creation.


We have a reporting system outside of HubSpot which relies on our line item names matching up with those in the reports. We have switched off the ability for users to create custom line items but, at the moment, they can still select an existing line item and then edit anything they want. 


If we could restrict access so they could only edit certain properties in a line item (e.g. price, billing frequency) but were unable to edit others (e.g. name, custom properties) it would help to reduce errors and additional manual work in our reporting.

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Also wound be great only superadmin or just some users can edit the coluns.




We appreciate the ability to make changes to the various products, line items, unit price, etc.  However, I agree these settings need to have the ability to be locked as needed.  I would love to see the ability to lock the unit price, viewable columns in a quote, etc.



This has been a large roadblock for us.

Without being able to lock Unit Price, we often do not have discounts reflected. Being on the Ops side, it hurts the reporting and accountability for discount thresholds.

This should not be a property that needs to be micromanaged by an admin, but when anyone can edit the base price, this is the only solution.


This is also an issue for us as well-- we really need to option to lock down on editable fields within product properties as this syncs over to our ERP system.


We would appreciate more control over what can be viewed and edited in the Line Items as well.
Currently, there are too many variables that all users have the ability to change.
We too would prefer to lockdown the Product Properties as these sync with our billing system.

We would also like to hide some of the number of column available to users. You can hide some of them, but not all. And anyone has the ability to make the hidden ones visible again.

Having the option to remove the "At Payment" option and force a Start Date, would also be helpful as well.

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Totally agree with the comments above. Locking down some Line Items properties is essential to make sure the CRM data and the financial system data are aligned. Also, this is very important to avoid some immutable properties being changed. 

Another thing that's important is to lock down the properties after a certain stage of the pipeline, to make sure the data is not edited after the contract/order form is created.


@matheusjiran  good point! I have been thinking the same for a while.



When something is closed (won or lost) there should only be super admin edit access. We have instances where someone has moved something out of closed lost vs creating a new deal, and it skews our reporting heavily.


Similar request specifically regarding granular control of quote discounts


This is something we would welcome as well. The ability to control the line item properties and either allow them to be edited on non-editable field would be great. So an example would be that the Unit Price could only be edited by an Admin and the Sale agent doesn't have the ability to edit the unit price.