Ability to limit log in based on IP address and get user logs.

It would be good if we can controll log in based on the IP address that user access to the account. 


The reason being is our clients wants to limit the access from external net work. This way, we can ensure that the access from external network is secured. 


Also, it would be great if we can export or get logs of the user activity withint the account. This way we can track who have taken certain action within the account. 

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Agreed, logging from anywhere/any device is a good option to do/track any work in HubSpot without any restrictions. However, we need an additional option to restrict certain users to login within restricted IP address or network. This will increase our security.


Also, we need a track of any user account login activity (Eg., Login IP Address, Login or Logout time, active login hours, total activities done for the day ect..)

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Got the same problem. It is necessary for my company to establish a set of approved IPs to access the CRM. 


It is a requirement in ISO/IEC 27000 to keep information assets secure. 


We really need this...



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 Yep, that would be great as we are finding some of our larger clients are asking about it and it could become a sticking point when weighing up competitve solutions.

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We have the same requirement. Given the data that may be accessed via HubSpot account, we need a way to make it accessible from within our company's internal network only.


Failure to provide this option might result in complete giving up HubSpot.

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I completely agree with idea. I actually called into Support to see if this was a feature that already existed. It's important for businesses to be able to limit employee access to private information outside of the office. As it stands, our employees could easily log into HubSpot from their home and steal client data. 

We would love a way to block employee access from a different IP. Or, like @Yoshi, at the very least, track employee activity so that if they are logging in at home, we can have record of that. 

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I totally agree with this idea. Data usage within a business is very important. This could also affect our company migrating to another CRM since our cliente information is private and very important data.

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This is really important as we want to transition from ZenDesk to HubSpot's ServiceHub. (Also, please allow this for all paid versions. Security is important no matter what feature set one needs)
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Cannot believe this is not a standard feature given current security concerns and GDPR. Come on!

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I agree with everyone here that this is an area of improvement for all the security of HubSpot users out there.  Another way that could be more internally developed would be to make changes to all non-admin user's access & permissions based on the timezone, or IP address. Hope this becomes an available feature soon!