Ability to insert Personalized Token data into a Salesforce Task description

Hubspot should have the ability to insert Personalized Token data into the Salesforce Task description.

Marketo does this. #justsaying

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This would be super helpful for us as well!

Right now we are able to add personalization tokens when creating HubSpot tasks, sending slack notifications, etc....but still unable to add any personalization to salesforce tasks.

There is no good way to push page visit info to salesforce, it is sadly missing from the integration. A workaround for this would be to push tasks to salesforce tasks when leads visit certain pages. For this, it would be good to have the ability to add last page seen in a personalization token


why wouldnt we have access to tolkens in salesforce tasks?

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Agreed that that this would be very helpful. We would love to pass some of our custom properties as part of the task description.


Andrew Perl