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Ability to increase or decrease date picker properties as a custom calculated property

We have multiple trials that have 30 day expiring keys and we are unable to have a form pass over the expiration date. It would be bennificial if we were able to create a date centric custom calculated field that could be increased by 30 days. This could be done via workflows, similar to the "Increase Contact Property" or possibly an alteration of the date stamp action, "Stamp date: (a) Static Date  (b) Date of Action (c) # days/weeks after date of action"

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Absolutely. We need this in order to calculate when is the renewal date coming to our contracts. The length of the contract varies. This seems like something any SaaS provider needs?


Same here. Looking to add one day to a subscription end date to show a subscription renewal date.


Yes, would be good to update expiry date and use new date created for relaying an offer expiry date to a customer as part of an automated process.

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We would like to see this idea implemented as something that can be done in the Workflows actions UI as well. Our use case involves setting a future expiration date on a contact property relative to a start date for access to training courses.


For example, if I set a date stamp for a start date in a workflow, at the same time I'd like to set an expiration date for 6 months from the start date. This way, I can trigger renewal reminder emails before the expiration date as well as post-expiration follow-up emails. 


It would be great to have an option like @AdamSavage mentions where an option is added to the "Set property value" action for date picker properties that allows a certain period of time (months and days) from now (or even relative to another date picker property) to be added and set for the property.