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Ability to have separate Header/Footer code for Staged content and not pull from Live

Currently in the Staging area if you are working on new pages or developing a new site the Staging content is pulling any custom header/footer code found in the "Settings-> Website -> Pages -> Templates" for that specific domain.


This is problematic if you are developing a new website in the Staging area. I don't want old code from the current site conflicting with the new website I am trying to develop in the Staging area.


I would like to see an option to have the Staging content use a seperated header/footer that isn't using the Live version for that domain.


Under that same page in the Settings where you choose your Domain perhaps there could be an option added for Staging content as well?


For context I am developing a new website using a Hubspot Theme, the old site uses tons of templates and there is tons of CSS/JS added to the sites Header/Footer in that Settings area which is conflicting with the new Theme in the Staging area.