Ability to have option to enable/disable documents download


Currently, when files are sahred, the file can be downloaded by everyone who got shared with that specific document. 

However, there are certain times that we would not want the files to be shared. 

Thus, it would be great if we have an option to disable the documents to be dounloaded. 

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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Oct 29, 2020

Hi everyone, 


Thanks you for all of your perspectives on this issue. We are continue to follow this thread, but unfortunately at this time there are no plans to develop this Idea. This is not to say that this idea will never be developed, just that there are no plans to do so at this time.






Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Apr 27, 2020

For transparency, I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' as the team is not planning on this in the next quarter of work.




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Currently, I use Google Drive and Box to manage files I exchange with clients and investors.

This small request (disabling the download feature) will motivate me and many others to migrate quickly everything into hubspot.   Please give it a higher priority - Your ROI will be immense, it's relatively a small efforts that can make many of your customers really happy.



Please enable this.  It's a really basic and important feature.

Setting up box to do what we need to do now instead.


Hi @Yoshi ,


We have solved this problem through our HubSpot app, CloudFiles. It looks and feels exactly like HubSpot Attachments but when you upload a file, a link is generated. You can activate/de-activate this link, put hard & soft ID validation, do time tracking, integrate with workflows etc... all in the context of your records. It is an enhancement over the HubSpot Documents tool.


We plan to launch it in March and are looking for prospective customers for feedback. 


If you like, you can try out the app from HubSpot Marketplace.


Another thing to pay for al a carte...

I should have known. 


This is a huge feature for us, and extremely easy to code. Just disable the download button or remove it altogether for certain documents. Simple feature request you guys should be able to do in just a few days!


Hi @SAgarwal ,


Along with enabling/disabling of link, we are also supporting enabling/disabling download. All options would be in the security dialog. Dialogs on slide 6 & slide 9 here will collectively provide this functionality.


It's currently not shown in the screenshots but we do have it in our first version.


Hope you find it helpful.



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Help us NOT have to use yet another tool to do something that seems pretty doable for HubSpot. Please activate this feature that would let us control the downloading setting!


End of rant.


Thank you. 

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Hey guys, 


It doesn't look like it's on the roadmap at all, so I wouldn't hold our breath but keep upvoting the Idea! 


In the meantime, I have found a perfect solution for this - CloudFiles


It's not in the Hubspot App Store and been speaking with the founder, they are very responsive and perfectly fits the needs! I suggest you all download it and try it! It's perfect! 




Why is this currently not planned? It is such an easy lift (i.e. LOE). 


please reconsider this idea! we need it so badly.

I have just quited using HubSpot Documents.
now I am using Google Drive that has this feature.


Yes We  clearly need this