Ability to have option to enable/disable documents download

Currently, when files are sahred, the file can be downloaded by everyone who got shared with that specific document. 

However, there are certain times that we would not want the files to be shared. 

Thus, it would be great if we have an option to disable the documents to be dounloaded. 

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changed to: Not Currently Planned
Apr 27, 2020

For transparency, I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' as the team is not planning on this in the next quarter of work.




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This would be very important for us. Ridiculous it's not implemented after such a long time.

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Shocking this is still not possible at this point. Would rather not have to use DocSend or other solutions. This should be easy to change. Please be transparent and share why you won't allow Hubspot users the ability to disable downloads of certain documents. 

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Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner

100% agree, this is outrageous, and a complete feature failure.

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It's outrageous at this point. My developer could implement sommething like this in a few hours. I know it soudns petty, but the lack of listening to ideas like this is the main reason that I am actively looking to migrate my platform away from Hubspot. For the amount of money we pay, ideas should be at least considered and replied to. 

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I just came here to upvote this feature! Robot Very Happy


I'm moving from Box to Hubspot for managing shareable documents. I was using Box because they have that option which provides a bit of 'security'. Although a user can always screenshot the **bleep** of it, I'd rather have the option.

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I agree, I'm facing this issue now and it would be great to be able to send non-downloadable files via HS. As per the above posts, this feature is needed asap.

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It's frustrating to find that this critical feature has been ignored by Hubspot for years. 


Agree with @lraymond, very frustrating to see!