Ability to have option to enable/disable documents download

Currently, when files are sahred, the file can be downloaded by everyone who got shared with that specific document. 

However, there are certain times that we would not want the files to be shared. 

Thus, it would be great if we have an option to disable the documents to be dounloaded. 

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Morning Hubspot team (and all of the customers who have been asking for a simple, easily implemented feature)!


Its time today to remind the community we need this feature! Please contribute and respond if you agree!


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Do it, Hubspot! Do it!

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Please HubSpot team,


Make our holiday wish come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Still shocked this simple feature is being overlooked by HubSpot. The feature goes against the purpose of this tool, to be able to share a document to be "viewed" and for sender (HubSpot customer) to view stats on viewer's activity. By allowing recipient to download incentivises them to do so, and then provides sender any information or control of confidential documents. Please get it together HubSpot product team, this is an easy fix!!!!!


The lack of this feature is stopping us from using Hubspot for documents. We have to stick with Box.


View tracking with a download button is going to be inaccurate by design.


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I need this very much! Why isn't this possible? Stopping me from using Hubspot documents completely useless without. 

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We host multiple documents within Hubspot and would like to have the ability to prevent viewers frmo downloading the files. Hosting documents as "view only" would be a great feature that many users of the Hubspot system would utilize. 

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+1 for this one
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Thanks for merging this. I am glad that there are others that feel this is a necessary option!

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I would support this. Such basic functionality - when you are sharing commercially sensitive documents it is a pre-requisite that you are in control of them. 


HubSpot please sort asap!!!